Gymnastics In Australia Strategic Framework 2022 - 2024

In July 2021, Gymnastics Australia and our eight Member Associations launched the 2022-2024 Gymnastics in Australia Strategic Framework; creating a new vision for the sport. A bold vision that will help drive the development of the sport for and on behalf our clubs and our members. 

Together, we will work hand-in-hand to ensure we bring to life the values of CareAccountabilityRespect, and Excellence in all that we do. These values will guide how we behave as a collective and how we do what is right for gymnasts and gymnastics in Australia.

The development of this document is a testament to the commitment of the nine Boards and management teams who have been committed to developing a whole-of-sport framework to ensure clarity, alignment and increased efficiencies and effectiveness throughout all levels of the sport.


Every Australian life is enriched by gymnastics. 


Foster a fun, safe and welcoming environment of movement, where everyone is empowered to achieve their personal goals.

 To view the Gymnastics in Australia Strategic Framework, click here

2022–24 Gymnastics Australia Strategic Plan

The 2022–24 Gymnastics Australia Strategic Plan for has been built from the Gymnastics in Australia Strategic Framework, which was developed in 2021 in collaboration with our State and Territory Member Associations and from listening to our clubs, technical members, and our individual participants.

The underpinning focus for all strategic activities is on providing services, education and resources to assist our clubs and our members primarily in three key areas — sustainability, recovery from COVID and integration of the Change the Routine Report recommendations.