Overview of coach education

Gymnastics Australia Coaching Framework

The Coaching Framework was launched on the 1st July 2013 and is due to be fully operational within three years. The Framework has five accreditation levels, from Beginner to High Performance (Gold). This design is to support and encourage ongoing and progressive learning, with small achievable steps in the early stages of the Framework.

A Master accreditation is an honorary title.

Coaching Accreditation

To coach gymnastics in Australia, you should hold a Gymnastics Australia Coach Accreditation. An accreditation is awarded following successful completion of a Gymnastics Australia accredited training course or through the recognition of prior learning process.

Coaches are required to undertake professional learning, known as updating on an annual basis for the accreditation to remain active.  

For more information on updating you can view the Updating Policy or view the Updating my accreditation pages on the website.

The Australian Sports Commission

The Gymnastics Australia Coach Education Framework is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) under the National Coach Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). The ASC provides support and guidance to Gymnastics Australia in creating a sustainable and practical coach accreditation system. You can learn more about the Australian Sports Commission and their role in coach accreditation in Australia.