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Advanced GfA Coach Accreditation - now available for enrolment

On Tuesday, May 9 Gymnastics Australia released the Advanced Gymnastics for All (GfA) Coach Accreditation for enrolment in the GA Learning Management System (LMS).

The Accreditation Pathway was designed in consultation with the National GfA Commission, and is a departure from other Advanced Coach Accreditation Pathways.

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National Coaching Pathway

In February 2017, Gymnastics Australia launched a new coaching pathway designed specifically for participation coaches. The Participation Pathway is perfect for an Intermediate Coach teaching recreational gymnastics who wants to start teaching somersaults and other Advanced tumbling skills. It’s also the pathway for a Gymnastics for All (GfA) Coach to gain an Advanced Accreditation.

What’s new?

There are two additions to the Coach Accreditation Pathway:

  1. Introduction of Participation Pathway for all Gymsports (except RG and AER)
    A new, streamlined pathway targeted at those teaching at the lower end of the skills matrix, the Participation Pathway enables coaches to teach somersaults and other tumbling skills by completing a new online course catering specifically for their needs, a spotting assessment task to complete in the gym, and a 4.5 hour Face to Face course.
  2. Introduction of Advanced GfA Coach Accreditation Pathway
    For coaches wishing to gain an Advanced GfA Accreditation, the coursework involved is a simple extension of the Participation Pathway. The pathway involves an additional planning assessment task, attainment of a 2nd Intermediate Accreditation (GfA plus one other) and completion of a first aid course.

For more information, see this article in the February edition of the Perfect 10, our bi-monthly newsletter for Clubs.


What can I coach in the gym?

For information on what can be coached in the gym click here.

What can I coach at competition?

For information on what can be coached in at competition click here.


There are a number of documents to provide you with information about accreditations, course content and syllabus.