The Beginner Coach


Supervision and the Beginner Coach
Clubs must ensure that a Beginner Coach is under supervision at all times until the coach is awarded an Intermediate Coaching Accreditation.

Who can supervise a Beginner Coach?
Click here for information on who can supervise a Beginner Coach.

Gymnastics Australia highly recommends that a Supervisor is at least 18 years old.

How many Beginner Coaches can a Supervisor supervise?
It is acceptable for up to three Beginner Coaches to be under the supervision of one supervisor. The Supervisor must be on the gym floor in the proximity of the Beginner Coach(es).

The Supervisor and/or club need to exercise a duty of care to participants and the Beginner Coach. Discretion should be made when allocating a Supervisor to a Beginner Coach. 

The Supervisor has received training via the Gymnastics Australia Online Supervisor Training course, and has been taught to ask the question ‘can I adequately supervise the Beginner Coach if I…?’ Club administrators/managers making decisions about who should supervise which groups should consider the question, ‘can the Supervisor adequately supervise the Beginner Coach if I ask them to…?’ 

The supervision rules allow some flexibility and are designed to allow clubs to make supervision decisions based on the situation, such as the age and experience of the Beginner Coach, experience of the Beginner Coach and the age, maturity, technical knowledge and experience of the Supervisor.

What can a Beginner Coach coach?
A Beginner Coach has the competencies to coach an equivalent skill level as an Intermediate Coach but always under supervision.

Guidelines for the Intermediate Workbook

A Beginner coach completes a workbook which requires them to learn about the broad role of working as a coach within a gymnastics club. It will help them to learn the more technical aspects of coaching fundamental gymnastics skills and also their other responsibilities of being part of a staff team of coaches within your club.

When should a Beginner Coach complete the workbook?

The Intermediate Workbook is issued to Beginner Coaches by email once they have successfully completed the Face to Face Beginner coach course.

The workbook is designed to be completed while the coach completes a minimum of 20 hours of on the job training under the guidance of a Gymnastics Australia accredited supervisor.

Ideally the Beginner Coach will be working on the Intermediate Coach online training course while they complete the workbook, as the two resources complement each other.

What support can a club provide?

Various members of a club may be involved in supporting the Beginner Coach in completing the workbook. The most obvious is their Supervisor who will work with them before, during and after lessons, helping them safely develop their coaching skills.

Club administrators, managers, owners or committee members may also work with the coach helping them complete workbook activities which are designed to induct them into working in a gym club.

How to submit the workbook

It is not necessary to submit the entire workbook.

There are five key pages which must be scanned and submitted once they are completed by the supervisor. These pages are clearly identified within the workbook.

The scanned pages must be submitted via the coaches own profile in the learning management system at 

Click here to download the Intermediate Workbook Notes and Activities.