The Supervisor

Who can supervise a Beginner Coach?

A certified Supervisor can supervise a Beginner Coach. 

The minimum requirements to become a certified Supervisor are as follows:
• Current Technical Member;
• Current Gymnastics Australia Coach Accreditation at Intermediate Level or above; and
• Successful completion of the Gymnastics Australia Online Supervisor Training course.

In making the decision to allocate a Supervisor to oversee the work of a Beginner Coach, consideration should be given to the level of maturity and technical knowledge of the Supervisor. 
• A Supervisor must have an appropriate level of maturity to make good decisions while providing supervision, particularly with regard to managing risk. 
• A Supervisor must be technically qualified to undertake this role, with the ability to give technical support and feedback to a Beginner Coach. Not every Intermediate Coach will be ready to provide Supervision. Time and workplace experience may be required to develop a good level of technical knowledge prior to completing Supervisor Training and supervising others.

Gymnastics Australia highly recommends that a Supervisor is at least 18 years old.


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