What is Technical Membership?

Technical Membership is an annual membership to Gymnastics Australia and your State or Territory Gymnastics Association that comes with a great range of benefits and is offered to coaches and judges who have successfully completed a Coaching or Judging Accreditation. Once you become a technical member you are accredited to coach or judge in affiliated clubs and competitions Australia wide. For more information on the type of courses available and the next courses conducted in your state, please contact your State or Territory Association.

Get Started
If you are new to coaching or judging, use the links below to sign up and/or begin your accreditation.
Sign up for Gymnastics Australia's LMS, Flex
Enrol in the Beginner Coach Accreditation Courses
Enrol in a Judge Accreditation Course

If you have already completed an accreditation, details about accessing Gymnastics Online (GOL), renewing your membership and a list of benefits can be found below.


Access to Gymnastics Online (GOL)

To access member benefits, update your contact details, view a list of your accreditations and renew your technical membership, simply click “Sign in”, located on the top right corner of this page. A list of member benefits and how to access them are located in the benefits tab once you have logged in. A full list of topics relating to accessing GOL can be found on our support site by clicking here.

GOL log in details, including your username and password, are sent to your email address upon registration. If you are having difficulties logging into GOL or have not received this email, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

How to renew a Technical Membership

Technical Membership with Gymnastics Australia can only be renewed via the "Renew” tab in your member portal after logging into gymnastics.org.au. If you require assistance, please refer to our support article by clicking here.

Prior to renewing your annual technical membership, you are required to have undertaken professional development to accumulate enough updating points.

You will receive an email from GA two months and one month prior to your expiry date reminding you to renew your membership.

Technical Member Benefits
Free access to the Australian Levels Program (ALP)
All Technical Members receive free access to a digital version of the Australian Levels Program manual, or equivalent, for each Gymsport they hold an accreditation in. To access this member benefit, log on to GOL.

Free access to Gymsport Resources
Technical Members receive free access to a range of programs that are associated with their gymsport Accreditations. These programs, predominantly developed by Gymnastics Australia’s National Commissions, include WAG Skills Development Resource, an RG resource on Dance Steps, the MAG 4x4 Program, the Core Stability Program and many more. To access this member benefit, log on to GOL.

GymShop Discount
Technical Members receive a discount of 35% on selected GymShop resources at shop.gymnastics.org.au. Codes are updated throughout the year, before making a purchase make sure to access ‘Online Store’ tab in your technical member portal on GOL and get the current code. For further information on the items included please click here. Detailed information on how to access the code can be found on our support site here.

Professional Development Resources
Developed by GA, States and Territories, and external organisations, a range of Professional Development resources for coaches and judges is available in your technical member portal and continually updated. To access this member benefit, log on to GOL and click on the ‘PD Resources’ tab.

Your Technical Membership includes free access to a large collection of gymnastics videos relevant to your accreditation level.

If you are a current Gymnastics Australia, log in to your account and go to your benefits tab to access GA TV.

Make it Cheaper
Gymnastics Australia has partnered with Make it Cheaper to provide you with a free no obligation energy comparison service, for either your home or business. Simply upload a recent energy bill, and the Make it Cheaper energy experts will review your current rates and make recommendations based on real savings.

Mantra Hotels Discount
Mantra Group provide a discount to all Gymnastics Australia members across their Mantra, Peppers, Art Series and Breakfree hotels including 15% off All locations excluding QLD hotels and 10% off QLD hotels.
Information on how to claim your discount is provided to members upon renewing their technical membership.

GymMix Lesson Planner
All Technical Members have free access to the Launchpad GymMix Lesson Planner which draws from over 1000 pre-selected games, activities and skills for coaches to build recreational level gymnastics lesson plans. The GymMix Lesson Planner also provides activity cards which can be printed out to be placed at various stations around the gym floor. To access the GymMix Lesson Planner, log onto GOL and click on the GymMix tab when you are in your My Account page.

Insurance Coverage
Through Marsh Advantage Insurance, Gymnastics Australia’s national insurance partner, all members receive insurance coverage via the National Risk Protection Program. Full details can be found at www.marshadvantage.com.au/gymnastics.

Technical Membership Handbook
All members are encouraged to read the Technical Membership Handbook which provides all the necessary information regarding GA’s membership, the handbook can be found in your GOL benefits tab.

Policies and Regulations

By paying a membership fee / renewing technical membership, all coaches and judges agree to abide by all of Gymnastics Australia's Policies and Regulations, including, but not limited to, those listed below. All GA policies can be accessed on our By-Laws, Policies and Technical Regulations page by clicking here.

Updating Policy - All coaches must update annually to renew their accreditation with Gymnastics Australia. This policy, as outlined in the Technical Membership Handbook, details the methods of updating that can be used and the rules governing all updating events. All coaches who submit updating evidence that is not in-line with this policy may have their Technical Membership withheld until verification is provided.

Code of Ethics
 - As an accredited member of Gymnastics Australia, every coach must abide by the rules outlined within this policy.

Coaches' and / or Judges' 
Code of Behaviour - As an accredited member of Gymnastics Australia, every judge must abide by the rules outlined within this policy.

Member Protection Policy - Outlines the rules associated with the fairness and equity of membership within gymnastics.

Child Safe Policy - This Policy is part of GA's proactive and preventative approach to uphold its commitment to the safety, wellbeing, participation and empowerment of all Children who access our activities, programs, services or facilities.

Privacy Policy - Outlines the rules associated with the collection, storage and use of membership information and personal details.

Anti-Doping Policy - Outlines the guidelines associated with the detection, deterrence and prevention of doping within gymnastics. This policy applies to all members, athletes and other personnel as outlined within.

Inclusion Policy - GA has a zero-tolerance to any form of bullying, harassment or vilification towards people with diverse sexualities, genders, ability, backgrounds or cultures.