Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is the school of sport and physical activity; you can start here and go anywhere. Gymnastics helps to develop balance, coordination, flexibility and strength, which provides a foundation for all age groups to build basic to advanced skills in different body movements.

Below are the recreational and competitive programs available for each age group.

Recreational programs provide opportunities for individuals and/or groups to get involved, learn skills, have fun and participate in events that are all about having a go.

Competitive programs provide opportunities for participants to learn skills and progress through the various Gymsports levels all the way to the Olympics. These programs allow participants to compete at state, national and international competitions.

Is it easy to learn?

Do you practice cartwheels and handstands in the school yard? Or tumble on your back lawn and hang from the clothes line? These sorts of activities are based on the foundations of gymnastics and are probably already a part of your everyday life. With support and training, you can continue to build on your skills and explore the full range of gymnastics.

How do you start?

Getting started is as simple as using our club finder above to find your nearest club and going along for a trial session.