Gymnastics for All: National Awards

The National Gymnastics for All Awards are designed to acknowledge Gymnastics for All members for their outstanding contributions, achievements and dedication to the Gymsport. Coaches, volunteers and officials who provide enjoyable and safe experiences within Gymnastics for All are eligible for awards which are presented annually.  Please consult the By-laws & Policies for the award criteria.

The awards aim to recognise the efforts of gymnastic members who are committed to the Gymnastics for All goals of fun, fitness, fundamentals and friendship and its philosophy of Gymnastics for EveryBody.  

The commitment and support shown by all of the below coaches, leaders, clubs and administrators has been outstanding and the National Awards bestowed on each is only a small token of the sports' thanks for this dedication. Congratulations to all.

     Year              Gymnastics for All Coach of the Year
KinderGym Coach of the Year

Volunteer of the Year Lance Otto Award Special Recognition Award
2020 Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
2019 Jennifer Rowland Wendy Nicol Naomi Nye Ben Cork
2017 Sheryl Faulkner (NSW) Sue Westaway (VIC)  Nicole Colev (WA)  Sue Westaway (VIC) 
 2016  Melinda Turnbull (NSW) Kit Poole (NSW)  Ben Cork (NSW)   Natalie Jaques (NSW) Chloe Kerr (NSW)
Pat Redfern (ACT) 
 2015 Jennifer Rowland (QLD)   - Bernie Spedding (NSW)  Petrina Hutchinson   Doreen Wilson (NSW)
2014 Sarah Hayes (NSW) - Penny Schubert (NSW) - Gymnastics ACT Performance Team
2013 Jillian Arthur (SA) Sheryl Faulkner (NSW) - - Jo Davidson (SA)
2012 Sarah Hayes (NSW) Naomi Nye (ACT) Justin Hayes (NSW) - Benjamin Cork (NSW)
2011 Lynn Martin (SA) Raelene Osborn (SA) Bridget Kimber (VIC)
Eleanor Majpruz (VIC)
Heather Mooney (SA) John Pickering (SA)
2010 Mandy Barras (ACT) Annie Rohrlach (SA) Gymnastics NSW GfA SMC Nerine Cooper (QLD) Gymnastics NSW Performance Team
2009 Rosemary Hartley (WA) Marilynn Raayner (SA) Gymnastics South Australia - Raelene Osborn (SA)
2008 Gai Forrest (NSW) Rachael Stern (WA) - - -
2007 Brooke Sargeant (VIC) Alida Scott (WA) Brenton Dicker (SA) Lynn Martin (SA)
Kit Poole (NSW)
Julie Biltoft (WA)
2006 Kit Poole (NSW) Caroline Rudkin (SA) Gymnastics SA Rec Team (SA) - Harlequin Spirals (WA)
2005 Sarah Hayes (NSW) Sue Pearman (VIC) Jenny Burger
Kevin Burger (QLD)
Jenny Collins (QLD) Debbie Gough (WA)
2004 Kit Poole (NSW)  Heather Mooney (SA) Juli Bartlett (VIC) - Acrobatic Fanatics (QLD)
2003 John Dorrington (VIC) Kit Poole (NSW) Margaret Mary Opstelten (QLD) Chrisse Nightingale (SA) Tina Burger (QLD)
Gladesville RSL (NSW)
2002 Tina Burger (QLD) Annie Rohrlach (SA) Lyn Parker (QLD) - Petrina Hutchinson (VIC)
2001 Sam Marsh (WA) Trisha Blanks (SA) Margaret Mary Opstelten (QLD)
Gymnastics Queensland General Gymnastics Committee
- Lyn Parker (QLD)
2000 Terry Blair (NSW) Heather Mooney (SA) Linda Robertson (NT) - Sally Payne (VIC)
Maree Hurley (SA)
1999 Sue Hayes (NSW) Kit Poole (NSW) Margaret Mary Opstelten
Kindergym Association of South Australia
Gene Schembri (ACT) Nerine Cooper (NT)
Terry & Julie Blair (NSW)