Gymnastics Australia Athlete Categorisation Framework 2021-2024

Athlete Categorisation is a process by which the Australian High Performance System identifies athletes with the capability of delivering high performance outcomes now and into the future. Further to identification, it attempts to provide support to these athletes and track their progress over time. This system is led by the AIS with GA implementing the gymnastics specific requirements of the system.

In December 2021, GA implemented a revised approach to athlete categorisation as it relates to gymnastics.  GA has continued to explore how we might better implement this system and have made some refinements to this process.
To view the Athlete Categorisation document for 2023 –see below.

Please see below the key dates as they relate to Athlete Categorisation.

Categorisation Criteria & Process Released
(This will be posted on the GA website & emailed to all
2022 Categorised Athletes and their coaches)
 September 1st
Athlete Nominations Close October 31st 
WAG/MAG: ILPP's finalised in AMS  November 17th 
WAG/MAG: Catergorisation Selection Meeting  November 24th 
TRP/RG: ILPP's finalised in AMS December 1st 
TRP/RG: Catergorisation Selection Meeting  December 8th 
2023 Athlete Catergorisation Meeting  December 15th 

Individual Learning and Performance Plan (ILPP)

The Individual Learning & Performance Plan (ILPP) is used by Categorised Athletes to ensure optimal planning, integration, and use of performance support for categorised athletes. In addition to technical aspects, the plan captures learning outcomes to support athlete development both within the sport and beyond.

1. Identifies a clear performance goal and provides the steps to achieve this goal.
2. Is led by an athlete and their performance team, including personal coach, national coach/lead, and relevant performance support.
3. Is a live document that will evolve over time, with review and monitoring.
4. Incorporates learning activities both in the gym and beyond.
5. Covers all areas of athlete development, including but not limited to technical components, S&C, injury prevention, training environment and mental and physical health.

All athletes that nominate to be categorised must have an up to date ILPP in AMS to be considered for categorisation. (This needs to be completed by the time of the Athlete Categorisation Selection Meeting).

ILPP Development & Support
State High Performance Managers are available to assist with the development of ILPP’s, are highly supportive of this process and understand the categorisation framework.
In the first instance, please reach out to your relevant State High Performance Manager if you have any questions or require any assistance.

NSW: Marnie Heming [email protected]

QLD: Trisha Hade [email protected]

VIC: Simon Gadsden [email protected]

All other states: Please reach out to GA’s Athlete Performance Systems Coordinator, Sam Palmer, via [email protected]

Also available to assist are the Gymsport Leads:
MAG: John Curtin - [email protected]

WAG: Joshua Fabian - [email protected]

TRP: Jarrod Heriot - [email protected]

If you require any further assistance, please reach out to Sam Palmer [email protected]