Australian TeamGym Program


TeamGym combines parts of tumbling, mini tramp and dance to create an exciting team competition event. You get to flip, roll, jump and dance with your friends. TeamGym is huge in Europe, with strong teams of teenagers and young adults pitting their skills and teamwork against other teams. The Australian TeamGym program has been developed for teams of gymnasts, with performances on 3 different apparatus.

Teams perform on the following apparatus:
- Floor
- Tumbling
- Vaulting / Mini trampoline (trampette)

Teams can have a minimum of six and maximum of twelve members but depending on individual strengths, not everyone needs to perform on every apparatus. In addition, members can also be interchanged or increased/decreased during performance apparatus passes (ie: 1st tumbling run 10 members may perform, 2nd tumbling run 8 members may perform or the 10 may be made up of different members).

TeamGym is a useful program for clubs to retain members in a team event which encourages individual skill development and team work. The program is split into novice, intermediate and advanced levels and has the potential to incorporate harder skills depending on coach and gymnast competencies.

Gymnastics New South Wales have developed a TeamGym program which is suitable for all ages and abilities and has now been adopted by Gymnastics Australia for use in all states. Download the Australian TeamGym Manual and get started on this exciting team event in your club. The manual has been re-branded from the GNSW TG manual and replaces the GNSW version to maintain a consistency across the country; however most changes are cosmetic so the rules and regulations from the original version are still current.

Workshops for coaches and teams will be held throughout the year with state competitions to be held around the country. 2016 saw the re-introduction of a national TeamGym Championships which formed part of the National Clubs Carnival in Bendigo and in 2018, the TeamGym Championships is moving to the Gold Coast!

Contact the National Gymnastics for All Technical Commission for assistance in getting TeamGym started. 


TeamGym resource are now accessible via club/tech member portals in the new resource portal tab.