Gymnastics for All - National Technical Commission

Gymnastics for All in Australia is governed by Gymnastics Australia in consultation with the volunteers on the National Commission. Decisions of a technical nature will be communicated via the Commission's Update or e-news. The current Commission members are engaged from 2022 through to 2024.

 Technical Director: Justin Hayes (NSW) 
 Project Coordinator - KinderGym: Naomi Nye (ACT)
 Project Coordinator - TeamGym: Julie McNaught (QLD)
 Project Coordinator - FreeG: Chloe Kerr (NSW)
 Project Coordinator - Education: Petrina Hutchinson (NSW)
 Project Coordinator - Performance: Anthony Dorrington (VIC)
 Ex Officio: Lynne Sheehan (GA)

The Commission meet on a regular basis, items for their agenda can be requested via your State/Territory office or emailed directly to the Gymsport Manager, Lynne Sheehan, at [email protected].