Is an exciting activity program designed to give an introduction to aerobics where basic moves eventually form a routine to high energy music. Students can expect a good aerobic work out, increases in strength, flexibility and coordination plus loads of fun, fitness and friendships when they participate.
Now being delivered in countries around the world, particularly in South East Asia and the Oceania Region, it's an easy aerobic participation resource for schools, dance studio's, community groups and gym clubs. There's no need for flashy outfits or expensive equipment, AeroSchools utilises a standard gym floor (e.g. wood) and wearing a sports uniform of shorts and t-shirt is all that's required!

The easy progression through a levels system enables participants to grow alongside the skill acquisition accompanied by music relevant to their age. Routine choreography is easy to follow along with and combined elements of strength, turn and flexibility with artistry, musicality and coordination. Participants can choose a level of competition that suits them or purely enjoy the fun of learning these new routines to perform for family, friends and fellow participants.

To keep participants actively engaged, we'll release fresh routines and music every two years which can be purchased through this website or from Gymnastics Australia's GymShop .

AeroSchools can be utilised in the Australian Sports Commissions' Sporting Schools program! For more information, visit Sporting Schools.

Why not start AeroSchools today? Or contact  the state/territory or national coordinators for more information or support.

Please note: 2018-19 has had minor updates (as at 03.07.18). For Judging clarifications please go to the AER Technical Information page here