Rhythmic Gymnastics: National Awards

As one of the recognised Gymsports within Gymnastics it is important that the gymnasts, coaches, and clubs working hard to ensure success within Rhythmic Gymnastics are recognised for their contributions and achievements. The Annual National Rhythmic Gymnastic Awards are designed to do just that - recognise Rhythmic Gymnastics members for their outstanding achievements, contributions and dedication to the sport.  Please consult the By-laws & Policies for award criteria.

The commitment and support shown by all of the below coaches, leaders, clubs and administrators has been outstanding and the National Awards bestowed on each is only a small token of the sports' thanks for this dedication. Congratulations to all.

Year Senior International Gymnast of the Year Junior International Gymnast of the Year International Coach/Coaching Team of the Year Australian Levels Gymnast of the Year Australian Levels Coach of the Year Official of the Year Special Recognition Award 
 2021 Lidiia Iakovleva   Miyabi Akiya Kateryna Logachova  Ainsley Barker   Kerrie Mancini  N/A N/A
2020 Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
2019  Alexandra Kiroi Saskia Broedelet Kateryna Logachova Catherine Lyndon Chelsea White Kirsty Le Ray Sue Patrick
2018  Alexandra Kiroi Lidiia Iakovleva Danielle Le Ray Angelina Boland Song-Hee Schumacher Kirsty Le Ray -
2017   Tara Wilkie (NSW) Lidiia Iakovleva (QLD)   Le Ray Gymnastics Academy Coaching Team (NSW)  Tiah McLaren (QLD)  Kerrie Mancini (QLD) Delia Halmu (NSW)  Sue Patrick (VIC) 
 2016   Danielle Prince (QLD)  Lidiia Iakovleva (QLD)  Gina Peluso (QLD) Heather Blakeway (QLD)  Kerrie Mancini (QLD)  Karyn Murray (WA)  Carol Lane (NSW) 
 2015   Danielle Prince (QLD)  Alexandra Eedle (NSW) Gina Peluso (QLD)  Elizabeth Innaba-Hill (SA)   Sarah Bewley (WA)  Teresa Evans (SA)  -
 2014  Danielle Prince (QLD) Tara Wilkie (NSW) Gina Peluso (QLD) Anna Karaganova (SA) Ksenia Leonova (SA) Delia Halmu (NSW) Brenda Seaberg (NSW)
2013 Danielle Prince (QLD) Michaela Whitehouse (NSW) Gina Peluso (QLD) Michell Huo (NSW) Danielle Le Ray (NSW) Teresa Evans (SA) Philip Western (NSW)
2012 Janine Murray (WA) Amy Quinn (WA) Krasimira Yurukova (WA) Alberta Nader (NSW) Danielle Le Ray (NSW) Margaret Lanz (VIC) Sabine Ade (NSW)
2011 Danielle Prince (QLD) Zoe Ormond (QLD) Edith Peluso (QLD) Georgia Pase (QLD) Galrina Yegoroba (QLD) Joy Millard (NSW) -
2010 Naazmi Johnston (NSW) Marian Barer (NSW) Danielle Le Ray (NSW) Nikita Naidu (NSW) Michaela Pendleton (NSW) Stephanie Schahinger (SA) -
2009 Naazmi Johnston (NSW) Enid Sung (NSW) Danielle Le Ray (NSW) Anna Lorigan (NSW) Jo Mansfield (NSW) Philip Western (NSW) -
2008 Naazmi Johnston (NSW) Chloe Hayes (WA) Edith Peluso (QLD) Tahnee Cowie (WA) Leah Gay (WA) Stephanie Schahinger (SA) -
2007 Kimberly Mason (NSW) Chloe Hayes (WA) Krasimira Yurukova (WA) Genevieve McManamey (NSW) Danielle Le Ray (NSW) Sandra Button (VIC) -
2006 Kimberly Mason (NSW) Chloe Hayes (WA) Nicole Higham (NSW) Kate Dolan (WA)
Stephanie Lee (VIC)
Emma Taylor (VIC) Robyn Pride (NSW) -
2005 Kimberly Mason (NSW) Tanya Vulin (VIC) Nicole Higham (NSW) Natasha Moule (NSW) Kerry Mancini (NSW) Virginia Elliott (NSW) -
2004 Penelope Blackmore (VIC) Tanya Vulin (VIC) Lisa Bradley (VIC) Chloe Mitchell (QLD) Phoebe Papas (QLD) Karyn Murray (WA) -
2003 Penelope Blackmore (VIC) Lena Kotova (VIC) Lisa Bradley (VIC) Naazmi Johnson (NSW) Edith Peluso (NSW) - -
2002 Eliza Gower (QLD) Amanda Lee See (QLD) Meryl Papas (QLD) - Phoebe Papas (QLD) - -
2001 Eliza Gower (QLD) Amanda Lee See (QLD) Meryl Papas (QLD) Emily Ogilvie (VIC) Bridget Thomson (VIC) - -