Club Affiliation

Club Affiliation is the process being a member club of the State Association and Gymnastics Australia. There are many benefits of being an affiliated Club which include:

The Club Affiliation process occurs annually at the start of each calendar year and Clubs are required to comply with National Affiliation Standards  and Terms and Conditions   to affiliate.

There are two different types of Club Affiliation which have different processes:

  • New Club Affiliation:
    New clubs affiliating with the State Association and Gymnastics Australia for the first time

  • Club Affiliation Renewal:
    A currently affiliated club renewing their affiliation with the State Association and Gymnastics Australia

New Clubs Affiliation Process

New Clubs who would like to affiliate with Gymnastics Australia are required to contact their local State or Territory Gymnastics Association for a New Club Affiliation Form.  The New Club Affiliation Form is a blank document and requires all sections to be completed by the club prior to affiliation.

Existing Club Affiliation Renewal Process

Existing Clubs who would like to renew their affiliation are required to complete an Online Club Affiliation Renewal form which is available for Club Administrators via Gymnastics Online > Club Admin Portal. For more information, please visit the Online Club Affiliation Renewals support page.

Club Affiliation Manual and National Affiliation Requirements

Club Affiliation requires Clubs to agree to National Affiliation Standards  as well as the Club Affiliation Agreement. By signing the Club Affiliation Agreement the club is declaring that they currently comply with, and will continue to comply with, the National Affiliation Standards . In addition to this, the Club is required to ensure they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Club Affiliation.

To assist all clubs when completing Affiliation, Gymnastics Australia in partnership with the State Associations have developed a Club Affiliation Manual. This manual provides valuable information relating to Club Affiliation including the Terms and Conditions of Affiliation, explanations and definitions for each Section of Affiliation and contact details.

This information can also be accessed via the 'information' icon buttons throughout the online affiliation renewals process.

Please have a look at our Club Affiliation Resources for more information about Club affiliation related policies and procedures.

Should you require assistance with Club Affiliation or the National Affiliation Requirements please contact your State Club Contact.

Need more information or help?  Please contact us.