Club 10

Quality assurance and risk management

Club 10 is Gymnastics Australia's quality assurance, risk management and club development system for affiliated gymnastics clubs.

Development and improvement

Club 10 was initially developed to help people who run gymnastics clubs understand how to establish and maintain management systems that will assure quality and give the necessary information to enable clubs to build such systems.

Management systems, if well planned and written, will underpin any service business such as a gymnastics club. Although, not all gymnastics clubs will need to restructure all processes to meet National Affiliation Standards , Club 10 can make good business sense and should also lead to improvements within each club.

Club 10 also offers tools and resources which assist Clubs in diagnosing any gaps in operational compliance or best practice and for identifying development opportunities.

Implementing quality management systems

There are many advantages for implementing quality management systems within a gymnastics club. The benefits associated with quality assurance and risk management can include improvements to both internal processes and external operations.

Participating in the Club 10 program, gymnastics clubs can enjoy:

  • Assurance that risk management strategies are in place which could reduce the likelihood and impact of liability claims

  • Boosted staff morale through best practice management

  • Bottom-line benefits through increased efficiency, reduced waste and better utilisation of resources

Club 10 Resources

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For further information and assistance please contact your Club’s local State Club Contact.