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Competition or Display?

Whilst participating in the AeroSchools program, students have the opportunity to perform their routines. This can be done in both non-competitive and competitive environments depending on their choice. Perhaps performing the routine to their fellow students during P.E. class, or at school assembly. Maybe they're interested in sharing their routines with another school, or at a local competition?

With this in mind the AeroSchools program offers participants a series of State/Territory AeroSchools Championships, culminating in a National AeroSchools Championships. This event runs in conjunction with the annual Aerobic Gymnastics National Clubs Carnival, conducted by Gymnastics Australia.


Has your son or daughter participated in AeroSchools at School and are interested in pursuing Aerobics at a Club, or are you a School interested in affiliating as a Club with Gymnastics Australia?


AeroSchools can be delivered by teachers with no experience in gymnastics, aerobics or dance! Schools can also get involved in Aerobics through Sporting Schools.

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