The AeroSchools Program is supported with additional resources to assist teachers, coaches and instructors to deliver a quality Aerobic Gymnastics experience that is fun and safe for every individual.

Resources available to supplement your AeroSchools experience include; 

  • Lesson Plans
  • Activity Cards
  • Videos of skills and routines
  • Music for routines
  • State and national competition opportunities
  • Coach delivered workshops for teachers and/or students
  • Teacher's Guides with links to the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum for Year 7 - 10
  • YouTube AeroSchools channel

AeroSchools 2018-19

The routines are recorded to copyright free music with the instructor facing the front and the back.

   AEROSchools App: 2022 $9.99
 Includes the manual, music and routine video's.

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The AeroSchools 2020 - 2021 program will be extended through to December 2022. 

This decision has been taken due to the impact of COVID -19 across the two years of the program on schools, clubs and states during this time.

A program review is underway and a new program will be ready for launch late 2022 ready for 2023 and beyond.

 AeroFun & AeroSkills

AeroFun and AeroSkills is an exciting aerobics participation program conducted in a school, club or after school care centre. It is a six week program that guides coaches through the development of a routine for their participating students or team.

Anyone can deliver the program: parents, teachers and other community coaches. The materials have been written specifically for this program to ensure no prior experience with Aerobic Gymnastics is required. Each participating club, school or after-school care centre will be provided with extensive resources to guide the teacher/coach/instructor through each of the lessons and the development of a pre-choreographed aerobics routine. 


Check out Gymnastics Australia's Gymshop for images, prices and details on each resource. Click here to order resources