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Technical Regulations

Visit the By-laws, Policies and Technical Regulations page to download a copy of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Regulations.

Transition from Stages to a new Development Program

The current Stages program for very young athletes has been redeveloped. It will be replaced by a new Development Division for both Individuals and Group and is the result of discussion and planning from the ALP working party. The new divisions will act as a guide for coaches to ensure a healthy and progressive high-performance pathway for our youngest athletes.

Many conditions are necessary for success in Rhythmic Gymnastics at the high-performance level. One is a natural talent or aptitude.  Because there are many specialist skills it may be important for some gymnasts to begin their high-performance pathway in the Development division. It is important to note that natural ability alone does not make a successful gymnast at this level.

Coaches should make sure there is no pressure placed on a child to perform at this level if they are not ready or able to handle the additional training required. The difference between Development and Levels is that gymnasts are required to meet higher standards of flexibility and body skills in Development. The Development division is intended to specifically prepare gymnasts for the possibility of competing and performing at elite levels in the future.  The two pathway options are:

  • Individual athletes aged 8 – 10 years; competing only at club/state level
  • Group athletes aged 10 – 13 years; competing at both state and national level

The routine specifications for these two divisions will be based on the new FIG Code of Points. As soon as this is released the ALP will provide more detail of the difficulty and competition requirements.

For further information please contact Anya Tabolkina (ALP working party Lead) [email protected] or Virginia Elliott (National Technical Director) [email protected]

2017 RG International Event Calendars

Any athlete(s), group(s) and/or club(s) wishing to take part in an international activity, must first complete and submit both a tour plan and a tour endorsement form.

GA Athlete Plan INDIVIDUAL Template
(Microsoft Word Document)
GA Athlete Plan GROUP Template
(Microsoft Word Document)
Tour Planning Template
(Adobe PDF File)
Tour Endorsement Form
(Adobe PDF File)