Gymnastics coaches are trained to adapt movements to suit everyone's needs; if you're looking for something more specialised, GymAbility offers more specific programs to suit all levels of physical and mental ability.

Gymnastics Australia seeks to offer a quality experience of gymnastics that is safe, enjoyable and enables every participant to reach their potential. Gymnastics Australia's GymAbility is an umbrella brand for all initiatives within Gymnastics Australia, State Association members and clubs that seek to include people with disabilities in any capacity within gymnastics, including as an athlete, coach, judge, volunteer or other.

The GymAbility logo denotes clubs that have indicated they provide inclusive programs within mainstream classes or specifically for people with disabilities.

The GymAbility Philosophy
GymAbility aims to support coaches and teachers to deliver movement programs that are inclusive for all, regardless of level of ability. Participants may or may not have a disability that impacts on participation. It is important to remember that all participants are individuals and any activities undertaken should consider their individual needs with the focus on what participants can do, rather than on what they can't.

GymAbility’s inclusive programs and resources offered by Gymnastics Australia may include:

GymAbility GymMix

The GymAbility GymMix program provides participants with experiences that will enhance all abilities and, in particular, target the development of physical abilities. GymAbility GymMix provides an exciting entry point for participants beginning a gymnastics-based movement program and/or for participants who may have a disability that impacts on their physical ability. 

Visit the GymShop  to order your copy of GymAbility GymMix.

Managing Inclusion in Gymnastics

Managing Inclusion in Gymnastics (MIG) is Gymnastics Australia’s inclusive coaching resource. MIG is an online training course for club personnel including for coaches, judges and administrators and has been a compulsory requirement for GA Technical Membership since 2010.

Go to the MIG resource.

Inclusion Policy
Further information on Gymnastics Australia's commitment to inclusive practice can be found within our Inclusion Policy. For people with disabilities, Gymnastics Australia has, through consultation, determined to seek to:
  • support the ability of personnel through education and sharing better practice to deliver an accessible program;
  • ensure a welcoming and accessible environment;
  • support the establishment of productive relationships with participants.

Key Focus Areas
Gymnastics Australia has focused on Environment, Program, Personnel and Participants in determining where actions are to be taken. Gymnastics Australia believes that participation by people with disabilities can be assisted through these four focus areas.

1. Environment: the venue and physical environment

2. Program: the gymsport or gymnastics program delivered

3. Personnel: the coaches, judges, volunteers, etc. involved in the delivery of gymnastics

4. Participants: people with disabilities; where they come from; how and why they participate in gymnastics programs