GymMix Online Lesson Planner

A must have for all conducting a LaunchPad program, the GymMix Online Lesson Planner provides club coaches and teachers with a suite of quality resources to assist in developing their program.

The online Lesson Planner allows coaches and teachers to build lessons plans to incorporate a warm up, skill development, circuits and cool downs.

The process is simple:

  1. Select activities.
  2. Drag them into the lesson plan.
  3. Save your lesson plan.
  4. Print lesson plan and take it with you to class.

The Lesson Planner also comes with an array of Activity Cards, which can be printed and placed at various stations around the gymnastics hall.

Who can access the GymMix Online Lesson Planner?

The GymMix Online Lesson Planner can be accessed by the following type of members:

  • As a FREE benefit for all current technical members
  • To all Teachers who have completed an Ignite course (12 months subscription)
  • To all Sporting School contacts who have booked a gymnastics program (12 months subscription)
  • For all Gymnastics Australia and State Association staff (free ongoing)
  • Technical Associate Members from Oceania Gymnastics Union countries (except Australia and New Zealand).

How can I access and use the GymMix Online Lesson Planner?

Please have a look at the GymMix Lesson Planner information page and download the User Guide file located at the bottom of the page.

Who can help me if I need more help accessing or using the GymMix Online Lesson Planner?

Please raise a support ticket so we can help you.