Men's Artistic Gymnastics: National Awards

As one of the recognised Gymsports within Gymnastics it is important that the gymnasts, coaches, and clubs working hard to ensure success within Men's Artistic Gymnastics are recognised for their contributions and achievements. The Annual National Men's Artistic Gymnastic Awards are designed to do just that - recognise Men's Artistc Gymnastics members for their outstanding achievements, contributions and dedication to the sport.  Please consult the By-laws & Policies for award criteria.

The commitment and support shown by all of the below coaches, leaders, clubs and administrators has been outstanding and the National Awards bestowed on each is only a small token of the sports' thanks for this dedication. Congratulations to all.

Year Senior International Gymnast Australian Levels Gymnast Junior International Gymnast National Levels Coach Award International Coach Award Judge of the Year Development Coach Award
 2021 Tyson Bull  Finlay Jones  Caeden McIlhatton  Ming Lu  Vladimir Vatkin  Not awarded Not awarded 
2020 Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
Not awarded
2019 Mitchell Morgans Kymam Whitehead Jesse Moore Hong Gen Wang Hongwei Du - Jack Houtby
2018 Christopher Remkes Sam Favilla Jesse Moore Micheal Donnet Sean Wilson - Paul Szyjko (SA)
2017  Christopher Remkes (SA)  Adam Rusgnach (NSW)  Indigo Dragon (QLD)  Robert (Yi Jun) Hong (NSW)   Sean Wilson (QLD) - Paul Szyjko (SA) 
2016  Christopher Remkes (SA) Rasmus Breth-Petersen (NSW)  Heath Thorpe (VIC / QLD)  Ming Lu (NSW)  Shachar Tal (VIC)  Yusuf Topari (NSW)
2015  Naoya Tsukahara (QLD) Rasmus Breth-Petersen (NSW)   Jack Reik (QLD) Jack Coates (QLD)   Yu Bo (SA)  Alexander Hunt (NSW) Sean Wilson (QLD) 
2014 Naoya Tsukahara (QLD) Joseph D'Souza Bullman (NSW) Clay Stephens (SA) Myles Cronin (QLD) Yu Bo (SA) Alexander Hunt (NSW) Michael Donnet (QLD)
2013 Prashanth Sellathurai (NSW) Daniel Bell (TAS) Scott Brooks (VIC) Kodee Voss (TAS) Queensland High Performance Centre (QLD) Kath Graham (QLD) Hongwei Du (NSW)
2012 Joshua Jefferis (QLD) Daniel Orman (QLD) Brody-Jai Hennessy (QLD) Niall O'Leary (QLD) Sergei Chinkar (QLD) Nedal Alyousef (VIC) Martin Shields (NSW)
2011 Prashanth Sellathurai (NSW) Jack Norman (QLD) Tyson Bull (VIC) Niall O'Leary (QLD) Songliang Xiong (NSW) Duncan Myers (VIC) Sean Wilson (QLD)
2010 Sam Offord (SA) Benjamin Latta (VIC) Tyson Bull (VIC) Zou Li Min (ACT) QAS Gymnastics Lesley Thompson (NSW) Martin Shields (NSW)
2009 Prashanth Sellathurai (NSW) David Rodgers (NSW) Luke Wadsworth (VIC) Antoine Rizzo (NSW) Xiong Songliang (NSW) Andrew Cordery (QLD) Greg Corsiglia (VIC)
2008 Philippe Rizzo (NSW) Matthew Angel (NSW) Mathew Curtis (QLD)  Mark Forrest (NSW) Vladimir Vatkin (AIS) Nedal Alyousef (VIC) John Curtin (QLD)
2007 Prashanth Sellathurai (NSW) Bradley Mannix (VIC) Mathew Curtis (QLD) Jack Coates (QLD) Serguei Chinkar (QLD) Brian Wade (ACT) -
2006 Philippe Rizzo (NSW) Bradley Harrison (SA) Martin Jozwiak (WA) Jamie Cannon (QLD) Vladimir Vatkin (AIS) Josh Holmes (NSW) Brett Wood (NSW)
2005 Damian Istria (QLD) - Luke Wiwatowski (NSW) Zou Li Min (ACT) Sergei Chinkar (QLD) Rohan Kennedy (NSW) Peter Abbott (NSW)
2004 Philippe Rizzo (NSW) Shaun Holloway (NSW) Thomas Pichler (QLD) Adrian Looney (QLD) Sergei Chinkar (QLD) John Hargreaves (TAS) Yu Bo (AIS)
2003 Philippe Rizzo (NSW) - Joshua Jefferis (QLD) Martin Shields(NSW) Vladimir Vatkin (AIS) Jan Smart (VIC) Igor Bespalov (WA)
2001-2002* Philippe Rizzo (NSW) Luke Rammel (NT) Joshua Jefferis (QLD) Martin Shields (NSW) Sergei Chinkar (QLD) Brian Wade (ACT) - 2002 
Paul Szyjko (SA) - 2001
Hayden Appleton-Seymour (NSW)
2000-2001* Philippe Rizzo (NSW) Matt Whitland (NSW) Damien Istria (QLD) Mark Forrest (NSW) Vladimir Vatkin (AIS) Daren Wolfe (QLD) - 2000 -
1999 Andre Kravtsov (QLD) Jeb Silsbury (SA) Damien Istria (QLD) Mark Forrest (NSW) Serguei Chinkar (QLD) Trevor Kaminski (NSW) -
1998 Andre Kravtsov (QLD) Ben Sutherland (NSW) Philippe Rizzo (NSW) Bruce Edwards (SA) Vladimir Vatkin & Yu Bo (AIS) Rob Allan (NSW) -
1997 Andre Kravtsov (QLD) Aaron Bloomfield (NSW) Adrian Looney (QLD) Lu Ming (NSW) Song Liang Xiong (QLD) Kath Graham (ACT) -
1996 - - - Bob Morton (ACT) - Vic Blinman (NSW) -
1995 - - - - - Jeff Cheales (QLD) -

* Due to the combination of the Men's National Events (ie Levels and Elite) in 2001 and the fact that there was 18 months between events from 2000 -2001, the awards for 2000 and 2001 as well as 2001 - 2002 were combined. The NOP Offiical of the Year Award has continued for a calendar year. Awards will revert to a calendar year for the 2003 awards.

Judges Hall of Fame
John Curtin (QLD) Jan Smart (VIC) Tim Quinlivan (QLD)
Colin Morwood (QLD) Jim Thompson (SA) Ken Williamson (NSW)
Daren Wolfe (QLD) Greg Smyth (QLD) Peter Sharpe (SA)
Josh Holmes (NSW) Lance Otto (SA) Jeff Cheales (QLD)
John Hargreaves (TAS) Alan Burn (QLD) Julian Fritz (QLD)
Kath Graham (ACT) John Dorrington (VIC) Brian Wade (ACT)
Rob Allan (NSW)  Jim Barry (VIC) Paul Szyjko (SA)
Rohan Kennedy (NSW)    Nadal Alyousef (VIC)     Andrew Martin (TAS)