Trampoline Gymnastics: National Awards

As one of the recognised Gymsports within Gymnastics it is important that the gymnasts, coaches, and clubs working hard to ensure success within Trampoline Gymnastics are recognised for their contributions and achievements. The Annual National Trampoline Gymnastics Awards are designed to do just that - recognise Trampoline Gymnastics members for their outstanding achievements, contributions and dedication to the sport.  Please consult the By-laws & Policies for award criteria.

The commitment and support shown by all of the below coaches, leaders, clubs and administrators has been outstanding and the National Awards bestowed on each is only a small token of the sports' thanks for this dedication. Congratulations to all.

Year Senior International Male  Senior International Female Junior Male Athlete Junior Female Athlete Coach / Coaching Team of the Year Official of the Year Special Recognition
 2021  Dominic Clarke  Jessica Pickering Not awarded  Not awarded  Sydney Gymnastics Centre  N/A N/A
2020 Not awarded  Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
2019 Dominic Clarke (NSW)  Claire Arthur (NSW) Brock Batty (NSW) Korlee Catlett (NSW) SGAC (NSW) Joanne Swadling (NSW) Kerry Smith (QLD)
2018 Dominic Clarke (NSW)  Kira Ward (NSW)  Liam Christie (NSW) Tamia Fonua Kachan School of Tumbling Damian Ryan -
2017  Dominic Clarke (NSW)  Kira Ward (NSW)   Liam Christie (NSW) Molly Mamo (NSW)  Castle Hill RSL Gymnastics (NSW)   Leigh Oswin (TAS)  Melanie Tonks (QLD)
2016 Blake Gaudry (SA) 
 Eva Kierath (WA) Liam Christie (NSW)  Kira Ward (NSW)  Castle Hill RSL Gymnastics (NSW)  Darren Gillis (QLD) Noreen Gaudry (SA)
 2015   Dominic Clarke (NSW)
Eva Kierath (WA)
Daniel Hancock (NSW)   Kira Ward (NSW)  Belinda Cox (NSW)  Bond Larkin (TAS)  Darren Gillis (QLD)
Jo Penny (TAS)
Year Intl Senior Athlete Intl Junior Athlete
Intl Coach of the Year

National Athlete National Coach Judging Official of the Year Official of the Year
 2014  Ty Swadling (NSW) Kira Ward (NSW) Brett Austine (NSW) Abbie Watts (WA) Ben Kelly (TAS) Damian Ryan (NSW) Julie Barlett (NSW)
2013 Blake Gaudry (SA) Kira Ward (NSW) Viktor Zhuravlev (SA) Ethan McGuinness (NSW) Ben Kelly (TAS) Damian Ryan (NSW) Belinda Cox (NSW)
2012 Blake Gaudry (SA) Blake Rutherford (QLD) Nikolay Zhuravlev (SA) Jarrod Spear (QLD) Jarrod Heriot (VIC) Leigh Oswin (TAS) Michael Kelso (QLD)
2011 Blake Gaudry (SA) Matthew Weal (NSW) Nikolay Zhuravlev (SA) Kira Ward (NSW) Ben Kelly (TAS) Brett Austine (NSW) Joanne Penny (TAS)
2010 Christine Jenkins (VIC) Natalie Skinner (SA) Jarrod Heriot (VIC) Matthew Weal (NSW) Belinda Cox (NSW) Leigh Oswin (TAS) -
2009 Ben Wilden (SA) Shaun Swadling (NSW) Nikolay Zhuravlev (SA) - Danni Robb (VIC) Louisa Phillipson (VIC) -
2008 - - - - - - -
2007 Ty Swadling (NSW) Jack Penny (TAS) Brett Austine (NSW) Madeleine Johnson (VIC) Darren Gillis (QLD) Brett Austine (NSW) -
2006 Ben Wilden (SA) Katrina Yeoman (VIC) Nikolay Zhuravlev (SA) Jack Penny (TAS) Brett Austine (NSW) Chuck Smith (QLD) -
2005 Damian Ryan (NSW) Jaimi Meyer (VIC) Belinda Cox (NSW) Reece Thompson (QLD) Jarrod Heriot (VIC) Brett Austine (NSW) -
2004 Lesley Daly (QLD) Gregory Clune (NSW) Paul Stephens (QLD) Reece Thompson (QLD) Jarrod Heriot (VIC) Nicole Vayro (QLD) -
2003 Robyn Forbes (VIC) Jarrod Spear (QLD)
Bethany Bailey (NSW)
David Wareham (VIC) Gregory Clune (NSW) Kerry Smyth (QLD) Brett Austine (NSW) -
2002 Scott Brown (SA) Christie Jenkins (VIC) Nikolay Zhuravlev (SA) Gregory Clune (NSW) Melanie Tonks (QLD) Allen Cullen (NSW) -
2001 Jacinta Harford Matthew Mitcham (QLD) Kerry Smyth (QLD) Ben Wilden (SA) Bob Mildren (SA) - -