Athletes' Commission

What is the Athletes' Commission?

Gymnastics Australia (GA) established an Athletes' Commission with the view to providing a process to promote open communication with and feedback from, athletes. Gymnastics Australia believes, like most other sports, that athletes, present and past, can make a very valuable contribution to the sport.

The Athletes' Commission is:

  • A non-political group which can offer advice and assistance to GA on matters and issues of relevance to athletes

  • A promotional tool available for the purposes of promoting the sport to sponsors, the media and the general public

  • A resource for GA to enable athletes to be drawn on to provide advice and feedback on matters relevant to athletes

  • A group that can facilitate and promote high standards of sportsmanship and ethical performance when competing/participating at the national or international level

  • A group that can relate immediately to athletes competing at the highest level and establish relationships to promote feedback to GA on matters concerning elite athletes.This group will have a national focus and deal with national and international matters.

Roles and responsibilities of the Athletes' Commission

The roles and responsibilities of the Athletes' Commission are:

  • Establish open lines of communication with athletes to identify issues relevant to the various gymsports that need to be addressed by the Commission

  • Examine the GA Business Plan and give feedback to the Board on areas of improvement and/or concerns that require input from athletes

  • Assist in the formulation of policy for athlete support programs

  • To provide support for athletes to achieve their personal best

  • Assist athletes in their retirement from competition/participation in the sport and ensure that they receive the appropriate recognition and assistance through this stage

  • Ensure the Roll of Honour is maintained

  • Provide regular reports and recommendations to the GA Board on issues of relevance to athletes

  • Assist in promoting and delivering the Ambassador Program

  • Undertake special projects that may be relevant to the Commission and their Terms of Reference.

Note: This is not a conclusive list and roles and responsibilities may be changed from time to time as determined by the Board.

Operating guidelines

The operating guidelines of the Athletes' Commission are:

  • The term of office for Commission members will be four (4) years

  • One formal meeting per year, other meetings to be called on a needs basis

  • Meetings on an informal basis when the opportunity arises.

The Commission will have access to the following communication tools:

  • The GA website will include a special page on the Athletes' Commission with an ability for athletes to email the Commission with any of their concerns and/or view points

  • Commission members to receive the GA Board minutes, technical bulletins and events/team reports.

Athletes Commission 2017-2021

The current Athletes' Commission members are:

  • Sam Offord
  • Cairo Leicester
  • Madison Chan
  • Danielle Prince
  • Blake Gaudry
  • Georgia Bonora

Gymnast Choice Awards

The Gymnastics Australia Athletes Commission together with the GA Board & Awards Committee are pleased to announce the inaugural Gymnast Choice Award in 2020.

The Gymnast’s Choice Award recognises an athlete(s) for their outstanding contribution to gymnastics, as voted by their athlete peers. Eligible competitive Gymsport members will nominate and vote for a finalist, and eventual award winner; recognising achievements and endeavours independent of competitive results. This award is not merited on personal performances but awarded to an athlete(s) who portrays integrity, leadership and team spirit, among other traits, that their peers admire.

The Gymnast’s Choice Award is a peer voted award aimed at recognising a current athlete(s) for their contribution to the sport of gymnastics. In competitive Gymsports where athletes compete in groups, nominations can be submitted collectively. Eligible athletes can be nominated by their National Squad athlete peers or their coach. Coaches must be coaching the eligible athlete in the year relevant to the award. This includes National Coaches in relevant sports. The nominated athlete(s) will have demonstrated;

  • Sportsmanship
  • Community engagement
  • Positive contribution to the gymnastics community
  • Leadership within their Gymsport

Please note that further information regarding the Awards Criteria, including who is eligible to submit nominations for each award can be found here.

Contact the Athletes' Commission

To contact a member of the Athletes' Commission via email please contact [email protected] with ATT: (Member's name) in the subject line.

Please send any written correspondence to:

Gymnastics Australia
Athletes' Commission
Sports House
Level 3, 100 Albert Road
South Melbourne 3205