Club 10 Resources

Resources are at the heart of Club 10's service to affiliated gymnastics clubs.

Management structures and operations vary greatly across the gymnastics sector. But whether the club is managed by an elected committee (volunteers) or is owned by a private operator or is even a "one-man band", Club 10 Resources have been designed to address the range of management structures, club size and locations.

Club 10 Resource Types

There are four resource formats:

  1. Information Sheets
    provide advice and guidance to clubs based on current gymnastics best practice.

  2. Templates
    are customisable documents that can be used by a club to produce and implement a management or operational document (such as employment agreement or staff induction checklist)

  3. Examples
    demonstrate how a club can implement the advice and templates in a practical environment .

  4. Checklists
    demonstrate how a club can implement the advice and templates in a practical environment.

Scope of the Club 10 Resources

Club 10 Resources cover the range of club management and operations areas, with ten sections and 23 focus areas as show in the list below.

10 Sections

23 Focus Areas

01 Governance

01 Club Culture & Values

02 Management

03 Policies

04 Procedures

02 Planning

05 Success & Sustainability

03 Risk Management

06 Safety

07 Injury Prevention

04 Facilities

08 Facilities Use

09 Facilities Development

05 Human Resources (HR)

10 Technical Development

11 Workforce

06 Membership Services

12 Programs

13 Activities

14 Recruitment & Retention of Members

15 Other

07 Events

16 Planning

17 Volunteers

08 Marketing and Promotion

18 Members

19 General

09 Leadership

20 Gymnastics Contribution

10 Fundraising

21 Getting Grants

22 Obtaining Sponsorship

23 Other

Accessing the Club 10 Resources

How to access Club 10 resources.  Please note that Club 10 Resources are only available to Affiliated Clubs and are not available to the public.