2022 National Affiliation Standards


How is the standard measured? 

1. Affiliation

The club contributes to the Gymnastics in Australia vision, purpose and values.  The club complies with all GA policies and responds to all requests for information.  
  • The club must comply with the terms and conditions of affiliation
  • The club must comply with all GA and State/Territory policies 
  • The club must comply with all reasonable requests for information by GA and/or the State/Territory Association
  • The club’s values and practices are aligned with GA’s values of fostering a culture of Care, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence in a positive and welcoming athlete-centred environment

2. Safeguarding

The club values the importance of and demonstrates child safety in all its forms.
  • The club values the importance of and demonstrates child safety in all its forms.
  • The club must comply with the Member Protection Policy
  • The club must comply with the Child Safeguarding Policy
  • The club must comply with all national and state/territory child safety laws
  • The club must complete the child safe self-assessment annually and implement a plan to improve any key areas for improvement
  • The club must have a trained MPIO who is not the owner or manager of the club
  • The MPIO must have completed the “Introduction to the National Integrity Framework” course through Sport Integrity Australia.
  • The club must have at least one staff member who is designated as the Child Safe Representative.  This staff member must have completed the GA child safety training course.
  • All coaches and judges must have completed the annual GA child safety training course

3. Diversity and Inclusion

The club provides an inclusive training environment that is welcoming to all members regardless of their age, ability, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or social economic and cultural backgrounds
  • The club must comply with all national and state/territory policies related to diversity and inclusion including, but not limited to, the GA Inclusion Policy
  • The club promotes diversity and inclusion and fosters a welcoming environment for all

4. People

The club only engages staff who meet the fit and proper person requirements expected by GA.  Additionally, the club only engages coaches and judges who are current technical members of GA.
  • The club must comply with the Coach Accreditation Policy and Judge Accreditation Policy
  • The club must provide evidence that they hold the appropriate WorkCover insurance or have provided evidence of an exemption 
  • The club must ensure all coaches are linked to the club in the National Database
  • The club must ensure that all staff and volunteers are recruited and appointed according to the recruitment procedure outlined in the Child Safeguarding Policy
  • The club fosters a culture of professional development and staff review, reward and recognition 
  • The club offers regular professional development and upskilling opportunities for the betterment of staff.

5. Facilities

The club maintains its facility and equipment in such a manner as to ensure athlete and coach safety and comply with manufacturers guidelines.
  • The club must comply with the GA equipment safety procedures and any state or territory requirements
  • The club maintains an asset register
  • The club conducts equipment checks in accordance with insurance requirements to ensure equipment is in working order
  • The club should utilise the GA National Facilities Guide to guide aspiring facility development plans

6. Club Operations

The club operates as a successful organisation and only delivers quality programs.
  • The club has appropriate strategic and operational plans in place 
  • The club has internal procedures in place to ensure the efficient and effective operations of the club
  • The club maintains appropriate lesson plans or delivers nationally endorsed programs

7. Risk Management

The club has appropriate risk management procedures in place to protect the safety of all staff and members.
  • The club provides manual handling training for all staff and volunteers. 
  • The club must have an injury reporting procedure (including an appropriate injury report form) in place and stores all injury report forms for a minimum of 7 years, or 7 years after the injured turns 18 years of age whichever is greater.
  • The club must have appropriate insurance coverage in place that meets the National Insurance Standards
  • The club must have a fire warden appointed and evacuation procedures in place
  • The club must have a qualified first aider present at all times and a fully operational first aid kit 
  • The club has a COVID safety plan in place that complies with state/territory Government guidelines
  • The club complies with all national and state/territory work, health and safety (WHS) requirements

8. Governance

The club has appropriate governance and management structures in place and maintains ongoing registration as an entity.
  • The club adopts the Sport Australia Sport Governance Principles to the extent they are relevant at club level
  • The Club board/committee (if established) operate according to the safeguarding and integrity standards outlined in the GA “Lead the Change” resource.
  • The club must comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to its entity type
  • The club promotes and encourages participation in national and state/territory surveys and consultation forums

9. Financial Management

The club is trading in a position of solvency and maintains accurate financial accounts that reflects its financial position.
  • The club can meet all its debts as and when they fall due
  • The club can provide accurate and detailed financial reports
  • The club pay their debts to the State/Territory Association and to GA in accordance with the applicable credit terms

10. Membership

The club ethically recruits new members and employs strategies to retain members.  The club ensures that all members are entered into the GA database.
  • The club must comply with the National Club Administration Policy
  • The club must comply with the Athlete Coding Guide
  • The club must comply with the Privacy Policy
  • The club must comply with the National Social Media Policy
  • The club must enter athlete members into the national database with individual identifying data and contact details within 30 days of enrolment
  • The club must provide true and accurate contact and emergency contact information of all members in the national database