Affiliation Resources

There are many resources which support clubs to understand the Affiliation Standards and to assist clubs in maintaining compliance with these Standards such as:

  • Athlete Coding Guide 

  • Affiliation Manual

  • Club Administrator Manual  

  • Equipment Safety Principles

  • MPIO Principles & Implementation Timeline

  • National Club Administrator Policy

  • National Club Name Policy

  • National Insurance Program 

  • Tour Endorsement (and Travel Insurance)

  • Other Policies

Affiliation Manual

The Affiliation Manual provides information to assist clubs in the Club Affiliation Process and, in particular, details that will aid the club when completing the Club Affiliation process.

Further more, the Manual will provide the club with an insight into the structure and development of the sport of gymnastics within Australia.

2022 Club Affiliation Manual
(Adobe PDF File)

Athlete Coding Guide (Gymsport & Levels)

Clubs must use the Athlete Coding Guide when registering or renewing athletes.  This guide is updated annually. These codes (Gymsports and levels) are used by Gymnastics Australia and the State Associations for the following reasons:

  • To be accepted in competition registrations.

  • For Gymnastics Online, Club Admin Portal, and the National Gymnastics database to work well.

  • For annual statistics.

  • For grant and funding applications.

  • For accurate reporting.

  • To support targeted marketing & communication.

  • To assist in informed decisions relating to Gymsports.

  • To help effectively monitor and manage Gymsports.

  • To help track the growth of Gymsports.

Club Administrator Manual

Club Administrators are users who are nominated by Clubs to access the Club Admin Portal via Gymnastics Online.  Please look at the Online Club Administrator Manual for more information about using the Club Admin Portal. 

Athlete Multi-Club Registration (Initial) or Renewal

Athlete Transfer Request

Equipment Safety Principles

The Equipment Safety Principles detail the requirements relating to Gymnastics Australia’s (GA) National Affiliation Standard 12 on equipment safety principles and procedures.

Gymnastics in Australia are committed to providing a safe environment and a high standard of service, for all members, participants and visitors.  Key to this is the provision of quality, well maintained and up to date equipment for all programs within Clubs.

To this end, the Equipment Safety Principleshave been formulated to ensure that only appropriate equipment is acquired, existing equipment is well maintained and replacement guidelines seek to ensure that equipment provided for use in all programs is of a high quality and standard.

National Club Name Policy

The National Club Name Policy outlines the policy that has been adopted regarding the name of clubs seeking affiliation. This policy ensures that all clubs seeking affiliation, or current clubs wishing to change their recognised name, can clearly understand the State Association’s position regarding club names.

National Insurance Program

Gymnastics Australia offers insurance coverage to Affiliated Clubs through the Gymnastics National Risk Protection Program (the Program) through Honan Group. 

Gymnastics Australia's National Risk Protection Program provides four key insurance covers, including:

  • Personal Injury Insurance

  • General Liability Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance and

  • Management Liability Insurance

National Club Administration Policy

The National Club Administration Policy supports Gymnastics Australia's National Affiliation Standards which a club is required to satisfy for ongoing affiliation.

The National Affiliation Standards require that:

  • The club must enter athlete members into the national database with individual identifying data and contact details within 30 days of enrolment
  • The club must provide true and accurate contact and emergency contact information of all members in the national database

In addition, this Policy ensures Gymnastics in Australia can meet its obligations and commitments for providing the information required by the Australian Sports Commission and other organisations who provide services to members, such as the national insurance scheme.

Club Travel Resources

Tour Planning Template
(Adobe PDF File)

The following Tour Endorsement Form is a prerequisite to placement of Marsh Advantage Insurance for individual Athletes, Clubs and/or Association Members.

Club Travel Application Form
(Adobe PDF File)

Other Relevant Policies & Procedures

Please have a look at the full list of Gymnastics Australia’s Policies and Procedures.